“He Almost Diisgrace Me After Taking Him Out For A Dinner, But I’m Smarter Than Him”– Bimbo Thomas Say As He Went Out With His Son (Watch)

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Nollywood actress Bimbo Thomas shared a video of her son inside a canteen. She revealed that her son denied her access to video him while at the canteen, and she decided to outsmart him.

She called on the waiter and informed him that her son would pay for everything he ate.

He was now saying that he would call his daddy to come and pay for the meal if his mother insisted on not paying.

She wrote: “Before all you judges will come and be slandering me, I paid for him ooooo, just messing around 😝🤣🤣😂😂😂, you’ll know I can’t do that to the man of the house @hawtiejayden olowo ori mi. Just warn him to allow me sometimes to capture good moments, at least for you all #jaydenlovers4lifee🥰😘. @iamjibscloset, I showed your boy how not to show me 😍😝😜😜.

Last dance video shot by m’boo @hawtiejayden, can’t trade u for nothing.”

[Watch The Video Here]

Fans reacted to the video with exceptional words about her son. Here are some of the reactions:

Bianca_ugowanne: “It’s the fact that you’re laughing about your plan to make my baby wash plates 😩😩. Please next time, send his bill, don’t embarrass my baby on the street of this Instagram.”

Its_cosmolate: “I am a big fan of this boy, he’s such a handsome and interactive person 💙.”

Darasimi0402: “Abeg Jayden this insult is too much on top how much food wait let me call the restaurant to give you a meal for 1 week☺️😂🥰❤️.”

Nife_gold12: “Make our me handsome dy wash plate 😂we no like embarrassment oo😂.”

Mo_kaniyansola: “@iambimbothomas to say the ‘you’ll lurrrn, you’ll lurrrn the hard way’ has actually been in my head bfr seeing this post 😂😂. You come deh use that finey catch cruise.”

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