“Before You Marry Any Girl Please Take Your Time Very Well”– Mohbad Close Friend Micee Spill More Detail About His Wife And How She Separated Them Because He His Taking Care Of His Health(Details)

Written by fazazy39

A close friend of the late singer Mohbad, known as Micee, has disclosed how Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, played a role in separating their friendship because she always wanted the best for him. Micee revealed that he had taken Mohbad to various hospitals upon his return from the NDLEA because his life was never the same again.

The article on na Naijalegit provides further details, including some of the results they collected from hospitals when they were still together, seeking help for Mohbad’s health. It sheds light on the complexities of their relationship and the role Wunmi played in it.

Micee expressed his readiness to reveal everything if, by any chance, Mohbad’s wife confronts him. He shared his perspective, stating:

“Before you marry any girl, please take your time very well. Mohbad was a contented man before they used supernatural means to distance him from everyone. I was his supporter and helper, always driving him around before they separated us. After the NDLEA released him and he fell ill, I fought for his life by taking him to various hospitals for treatment. I advised him not to leave the label and urged him to manage and complete the remaining three months.”

Micee continued to reveal that he had saved Mohbad from a suicide attempt and had offered him numerous show deals. However, their relationship was strained because Mohbad’s wife consistently stirred up conflicts between them. He mentioned a situation where Mohbad had discovered a fetish ring in her possession.

He concluded by stating that he was prepared to disclose everything if confronted and expressed his deep sorrow over the loss of his close friend.

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