“You Mess Up My Liife With Your Liies”– Bolanle Ninalowo Tell Wife, As Fans Advice Him To Please Stay Out Of Social Media On His Marital Issue (Watch)

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Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo is persevering as he continues to share various thoughts about his recent marriage breakup.

He revealed that his wife had disrupted his life with a lie, but he believed that the truth would eventually come to light, even though it would take time and bring pain and discomfort.

The reason for sharing these words on his Instagram page is primarily because of his ex-wife, with whom he has gone through two divorces in less than six months.

In a picture shared, he wrote:

“Never try to mess up someone’s life with a lie, when yours can be destroyed with the truth. The truth takes time and may bring pain & discomfort but never ceases to prevail.” 🙏🏾

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Fans’ advice and reactions to Bolanle Ninalowo:

  • Keerah_varieties_wholesale: “Anything marital gbasgbos I don’t put my mouth because I know that it is deeper than earth itself. May all bleeding hearts heal.”
  • Jovilius: “I know this feeling. People need to think before choosing sides without knowing the true story. You might be surprised about how sneaky some people are. Causing troubles and then playing the victim.”
  • Officialkobinna: “If you’ve chosen to be silent, please remain silent. There’s no point with the relationship quotes… I pray you heal completely, bro. We love you ❤️.”
  • Arizona0114: “Toto water no dey plenty, but e Dey reach preek baff. In other words, be contented, your time will come.”
  • Bamitekomartins: “@iamnino_b bros u dnt knw me and i dnt you personally but i beg u in the name of God dnt bring your private life to this useless social media, do whatever pleases you as it’s your life but don’t let the social media into it, let them just keep guessing and wondering. I hate to see you been dragged by people beneath you. Love and light always #maka❤️.”

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