“Is Plenty For This Party”– Actress Tawa Ajisefini Reveal The Huge Amount Of Money She Made As She Attends A Friend Party In United States (Watch)

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Nollywood actress Tawa Ajisefini shared a video revealing the substantial amount of money she earned from attending a party in the United States. In the video, she emphasizes the importance of cashing out big when attending such events.

The actress also discusses the significance of having good in-laws.

Actress Tawa Ajisefini playfully asked her fans to join her in counting the substantial amount of dollars she earned from her recent outing.

She expressed her excitement at cashing out at the party and humorously mentioned the need for a skilled financial expert to help her count her earnings.

For more information, you can watch the video below:

Fans and celebrities are questioning why she’s flaunting her wealth so openly if it’s allowed. Check out the reactions:

Bintmaolat: Can you spill the beans, sis? What’s the secret to your party glow? Share some tips! 👏
Allwelldamilola: You’re celebrating in style, my friend!
Damilolafaramola: The good life on display, that’s a lot of cash right there. It’s raining money. 💰
Olori_yeetee: Momma, are you planning a giveaway soon? 😂
Akobieledumare1: Hmmm… Did you catch the lyrics in this life video? My people, it’s impressive! 👌

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