“May our love never die, thanks for coming back safely to me my husband”- Portable 4th babymama Ashabi Simple welcomes him back with so much love( Watch video)

Written by fazazy39

Popular singer Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile, also known as Portable, has received a warm welcome from friends and family upon his return to Nigeria.

Portable had been out of the country for at least two weeks and went on a European tour. However, during the tour, he had a dispute with the organizer over financial matters. He shared his experience online, expressing his dissatisfaction with the organizer’s approach.

As the singer returned home, Ashabi Simple, his babymama, warmly greeted him with gifts and a celebration. She expressed her gratitude for his unwavering hard work and support, thanking him for bringing pride to their lives. She wrote, “It’s wonderful to see you, my love and mentor. This is my small way of showing appreciation for your dedication and support. Thank you for making us proud.

May God continue to bless your endeavors, alleviate your stress, crown your efforts, and bring you genuine happiness. 🙏 Calling you my mentor is no mistake; I admire your strong work ethic, which inspires me. I feel that we share the same vision and goals, so I can always look up to you when I’m feeling weak or tired. 😴 You already know how much I love you. Change is inevitable, but I pray it never affects our bond.

You’re my troublemaker king 🤣, my choco Milo (both tough and sweet), my mix of flavors 😋, my seasoning (IYO mi), my everything, really. 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for making this relationship so enjoyable for us.

I appreciate you always, my joy @portablebaeby 💕💕💕💕💕.”

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