“I Didn’t Brought A Car For Mohbad Father”– Lawyer Kunle Says As He Debunks The News Of Buying The Late Singer Father A Car (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Prominent comedian and lawyer Kunle, also known as Cute Abiola, has refuted the claim of buying a car for the late Mohbad’s father. Yesterday, reports circulated on social media suggesting that Cute Abiola had purchased a brand-new car worth 20 million naira for the deceased singer’s father.

However, today, Cute Abiola has come forward to deny this news, asserting that he did not buy any car for the man and did not make any promises to him.

He went on to share that in an upcoming interview, he will clarify that he had promised to buy a car but didn’t fulfill that promise.

Lawyer Kunle earnestly appeals to all Nigerians to refrain from spreading false information on social media platforms.

Watch the video below

Here are some reactions from people:

MonisaOgunleye: “I understand that the man might not want to do an interview, and you called Mohbad your friend. Referring to his dad in such a way is quite rude.”

Fortune_25: “Facebook people and their rumors… My mom and I argue about something every day 😂😂😂😂.”

Yomith001: “That’s a wrong statement. What’s ‘man yen o pe se interview’? This is unfair. You called Mohbad your friend; why be rude to his dad? Strange, indeed. Mr. Biola, correct your statement.”

_holardunmomi: “This is the main issue why we are missing the real facts. False news is everywhere, and everyone wants to trend over this unfortunate incident 😢.”

Brownsugarr_la: “People in this country need serious mental evaluation, especially some so-called bloggers.” Read more reactions here: [Link to the source article]

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