“Money is Good ooo, Abeg how my head take change shape, God you are wonderful” Comedian Cute Abiola ask fans as he share his humble beginning

Written by fazazy39

Comedian Abdulgafar Abiola, popularly known as Cute Abiola, reflects on his humble beginnings and remarkable journey in a recent Instagram post.

Known for his comedy and magnetic screen presence, he shared a throwback photo that resonated with his followers and fans.

In a recent Instagram post, comedian Cute Abiola shared a throwback photo from his earlier years when he appeared disheveled and in poor condition.

He expressed his gratitude for the positive changes in his life. In the post, he humorously questioned how his head shape changed and marveled at the wonders of God.

This post garnered reactions from fans and celebrities, with Cute Abiola playfully asking about the transformation and receiving various comments, including mentions of the role of money and good life in changing one’s appearance.

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