“Hope no be say you need money”- Nigerian man in shock after his wife serves him breakfast in bed (Video)

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A Nigerian husband was taken by surprise when his wife served him a steaming bowl of jollof rice for breakfast while he was still in bed. This couple, who enjoy a substantial following on TikTok, often share glimpses of their daily life and marital experiences with their audience.

The husband posted on his wife’s TikTok account, @chiamaxsworld, expressing his astonishment at waking up to breakfast in bed.

The husband humorously claimed that he felt like his marriage had taken an unexpected turn. He was shocked by his wife’s sudden kindness and questioned what he had done to deserve it. Despite his initial shock, he expressed gratitude and asked the public to join him in appreciating his wife and supporting her various businesses.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

  • @gladmira: “Na setup ooo 😂😂 Christmas don near”
  • @Dr: “This is why you should marry an Igbo woman, just be good to her, and you will always be happy”
  • @JayneReeverz: “My marriage has changed 😂😂😂😂”
  • @Isaac Maxwell: “This man no dey ever take im wife serious 😂”
  • @Chidic ecuador68: “😂😂😂😂😂marriage has changed. I am afraid of afraid.🥰🥰”
  • @Cynthia Ogida: “i love this couple in particular 🥰🥰 they are not ur regular. pls marry ur friend and be happy. period”

Please why is he scared?? 🤣🤣

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