“Let’s remember to check on our loved ones, especially celebrities because they live to impress to public and die in silence”- Actress Biodun Okeowo reveals her health challenge-in-silence-actress-biodun-okeowo-reveals-her-health-challeng/

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Nigerian actress Biodun Okeowo has revealed that she has been dealing with three different illnesses in the past month. In a post on her Instagram page, Biodun Okeowo expressed her struggle with these illnesses, with ulcers being the most prominent, causing her to feel unwell intermittently over the past few months.

She shared that she even skipped Funke Akindele’s “She Must Be Obeyed” movie premiere to avoid drawing attention to her declining health.

In addition, Biodun Okeowo shared a powerful testimony of her remarkable experience while worshiping God, mentioning that she never grew weary during a performance with gospel musician Aseyori.

She expressed her gratitude and explained how God had healed her during the Asasayori concert before concluding. In her post’s caption, she wrote about her ongoing battle with an off-and-on illness that has persisted for over a month, involving more than three ailments, with ulcers being the most prominent among them 😩.

Today, I wish to share my gratitude story because something remarkable unfolded during the ONISEGUN NLA concert. When I received the invitation, I hesitated, unsure if my health would permit my attendance. You see, my health has been a rollercoaster, one day it afflicts me, the next day it relieves me. But there was something about the event’s name, ‘ONISEGUN NLA,’ that intrigued me. I promised myself that nothing would deter me this time. However, I carried a certain skepticism within me.

This skepticism was fueled by a previous experience when I attended Funke Akindele’s movie premiere, ‘She Must Be Obeyed.’ On that occasion, I had to leave the event even before the movie officially began, as my health took a toll, and I didn’t want anyone to notice my condition…

In my mind, I was grappling with whether to invest in makeup, hairstyling, and more, at this very moment. I questioned if it was wise to wait until I was 100% okay before venturing out publicly. However, there was a persistent echo in my thoughts, a voice that kept repeating “ONISEGUN NLA” 🙌. I made a pact with God: if You truly want me to attend, make me fit that very day. And, to my amazement, He did just that 💃!

I danced in heels, moving as if there were no tomorrow. Honestly, I was surprised by my own energy and stamina 😂. To my delight, I felt neither tiredness nor headaches despite all the jumping around. Even after indulging in a spicy chicken wing, courtesy of @kie_kie__, I experienced no discomfort in my tummy or any unusual sensations afterward, unlike in the past…

Join me in magnifying God, for I am compelled to share this testimony with the world. I want to express my deepest gratitude for being invited to connect with my Creator in such a profound way, @adeyinkaalaseyori.

Lastly, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to my number one support system, Ifeoluwa, @okeowoifeoluwa_, who stood by my side, even postponing her school clearance to care for me. My love for you knows no bounds, Ifeoluwa.

Indeed, health is wealth. Let us not forget to check on our loved ones, especially content creators who may conceal their struggles behind their posts. That dance video you watched may not be recent and could have been shared from their archives while they were unwell.

Take a moment to reach out to your loved ones today 🙏. Hallelujah!

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