“Abuga Is My Friend Not My Boy”–Portable Says As He Revealed How Record Who Signed Abuga Then Changed His Story From Grace To Grass (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian street singer Portable has clarified his relationship with Abuga in a video shared on his Signee page. He emphasized that Abuga is not his subordinate and recounted how Abuga has been active in the music scene since his time at Mapoly in Lagos State, even participating in a competition with artists like Zlatan Ibile before being signed to a record label.

Portable revealed that Abuga left school to pursue his music career but faced challenges along the way.

Portable has emphasized that Abuga is not his subordinate but a talented artist who faced challenges in his music career despite his skills. Many of Abuga’s followers appreciated Portable for speaking the truth and supporting Abuga through his journey.

Abuga also expressed his gratitude to Portable for being there for him.

People on social media reacted to Portable’s revelation about Abuga’s journey in the music industry:

  • Mohzaza12 mentioned that he knows the story well as he and Abuga were housemates, expressing his support for Abuga.
  • Pinkbukdoptical praised Portable for being supportive and encouraged him with thumbs up.
  • Iso_maza247 agreed with Portable, noting that this is the true story, especially for students of Mapoly.
  • Gbengaopas emphasized the importance of waiting for one’s time.
  • Alhaji _destinypaso acknowledged the man’s story but mentioned it doesn’t concern him, and he wished for blessings.

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