“To the woman who taught me what acting is, Thank you for helping me throughout the tough time”- Bukunmi Oluwasina shower praise on Toyin Bifarin Ogundeji

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Actress and musician, Bukunmi Oluwasina, took to social media to express her deep gratitude and acknowledgment towards Theatre Director Toyin Bifarin Ogundeji, who played a pivotal role in shaping her acting career.

Bukunmi Oluwasina credited her mentor and teacher, Toyin Bifarin Ogundeji, as the woman who taught her the true essence of acting. In a heartfelt post, she conveyed her thanks to the theatre director for imparting invaluable knowledge, guidance, and support throughout her career.

She wrote, “To the woman who taught me what acting is, A mentor, guardian, mother, and more, @toyinbifarin_ogundeji, whose humility and selflessness are second to none… In fact, I’m short of words. I remember the first time I entered her office 12 years ago, and I was seeing different awards, AMAA, AMVCA, orishirishi. I had to ask @odoaguntan_agbaletu ‘So Aunty Toyin has won all these??’ I’m still learning and will continue to learn from you, mummy. And I’m so blessed to have you.”

Bukunmi Oluwasina went on to express her appreciation for Toyin Bifarin Ogundeji’s support and mentorship, emphasizing how the director had influenced her acting career significantly. She thanked her for selflessly contributing her time, effort, and resources to support her in various projects.

She continued, “To know you is to love you. Thank you for taking this project like yours. Thank you for helping me manage the tough time and pressure I had on set. It felt like you shared your peace with me. Thank you for internationally making things less difficult and problematic for me, to the point where you even started spending your money on my set. She kept saying ‘Bukunmi, it’s okay. Just focus on the work, I will take care of this, I can take care of myself.'”

Bukunmi Oluwasina expressed her admiration for Toyin Bifarin Ogundeji’s patience and commitment to their collaborative project. She highlighted how the director went above and beyond, even in challenging situations.

She said, “She didn’t just perform as an excellent actor that she is but also brought her magic, as her presence was felt in the costume department. And in all of these, she refused to collect a penny from me. 😭😭😭 I was on my knees begging for an account number, mummy kept saying ‘No.’ All she was doing was praying for me.”

In conclusion, Bukunmi Oluwasina emphasized her profound gratitude for the mentorship and support she received from Toyin Bifarin Ogundeji and expressed her immense appreciation for having her as a mentor and friend. She concluded her message with words of love and appreciation.

“Once again, she brought her magic.


Lots of love from me to you. ❤️ Thank you, mummy,” she said.

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