“This life is vaniity, family will even forget you” – Check out video of Late Actor Murphy Afolabi grave site filled with grass (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

A video has surfaced online showing the burial site of the late Nollywood actor, Murphy Afolabi, and it appears to be overgrown and neglected. The netizens who shared the video had promised to visit the late actor’s burial place, but it seemed that no one cared enough to maintain it.

In the video, the burial site is shown covered in tall grass and appearing unkempt. The neglect of the site raises questions about the care and remembrance of the late actor.

This video reflects the impermanence of life and how, over time, people may forget even those they once held dear.

The video showing the neglected burial site of late actor Murphy Afolabi has triggered various reactions from netizens. Some have expressed their willingness to contribute money to clear the overgrown area, while others question why the actor’s family hasn’t taken care of the site.

Furthermore, some netizens have raised concerns about where the money and earnings from Murphy Afolabi’s movies and career have gone. The video highlights the varied emotions and sentiments associated with the neglect of the late actor’s burial place.

The video of late actor Murphy Afolabi’s neglected grave site has prompted various reactions from netizens. Here are some of their comments:

  • Inumidun: Life goes on, and I hope you fulfill your purpose in life before you’re gone.
  • Yetunde_m1: Maybe you should dig him out and relocate his body to Banana Island.
  • Everythingmayowa: The man even shot a theater movie just before he died, but none of these celebrities made an effort to ensure the movie is released to honor him.
  • Gentle_jnnfr: They might have already shared his property, but at the very least, the family could have fenced and gated the compound.
  • Fab_pweetyliz: Until his ghost slaps one of them for invading his privacy, clout-chasing generation.
  • Tom_mie09: Even the dead aren’t safe; they’ll meet online without even realizing it.

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