“Must you tell liie, even aunty Ramota they collect am always” reactions trails Moyo Lawal as she reveal she had fun twice last year.

Written by fazazy39

Yoruba actress Ashabi Simple, who is the fourth baby mama of the controversial singer Portable, recently shared an adorable video on social media featuring her son. In her heartwarming post, she referred to her son as her “irreplaceable ticket to Olalomi Kingdom” and expressed her deep love and affection for the young child.

The video showed Ashabi Simple cuddling, playing, and bonding with her son while both were dressed in matching outfits.

In her post, the actress wrote, “Repping our brand @simple_wardrobe1 with my irreplaceable ticket to Olalomi Kingdom @star_king_fab 🤩🤩🤩🤩.”

Here are some of the reactions from social media users:

  • barknpurr.ng: “People shouldn’t make your video even if you’re married. Things change, and you can’t control who sees it.”
  • chris michael10: “You’re just seeking attention, we’ve moved on from this video.”
  • ezenwa: “We’ve all moved past this, why try so hard to be noticed.”
  • ararechemist: “Girl, stop talking.”
  • teeyou01: “Live your life the right way now, it’s okay.”
  • rah_ma_ht: “We’ve forgotten, you’re bringing it up again. What do you want us to do now?”
  • I.tobiloba: “Nobody cares about your body count.”
  • ada akunwafor: “She should’ve stayed quiet. People forgot about the video.”
  • elisabethkumie: “Moyo, people have bigger concerns. No one cares about the leaked video. SMH.”
  • ada_gorgeous4: “Bringing up a topic we forgot shows it was intentional. Rest in peace. Ladies, don’t make nude videos, even if you trust someone. Your trusted partner today might not be trusted tomorrow. Women, be wise.”

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