“I will never be poor” – IG influencer Ola of Lagos flaunts N5.7M fish Davido ordered to celebrate with his friends (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Social media users have been quick to react to a recent viral video featuring Instagram influencer Ola Of Lagos. In this latest video, Ola of Lagos faces criticism for proudly showcasing a sizable catfish with a price tag of N5.7 million.

Ola Of Lagos, renowned for his content related to real estate and luxury cars, surprisingly reveals his newfound interest in the world of the fish market.

Influencer Ola from Lagos made a striking appearance in the video, showcasing each of the N5.7 million fish on display, sparking a wave of inspiration among viewers to turn to God and seek His blessings to escape poverty. He went on to mention that this specific set of fish, valued at N5.7 million, is well-regarded and trusted, and it’s a delicacy often enjoyed by the likes of Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest, among other billionaires.

Captioning the video, Ola Of Lagos wrote, “5.7M for fish at @brightgrillzz 😭 or is this gentleman trying to astonish me? 😂🤣 I will not be poor.”

You can watch the video below:

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