“I quickly Japa For My Life”— Lege Miami Says After A Lady He Took Out For A Date Eat Over 40k Meal Within One Hour (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor and musician, Adam Kehinde, popularly known as Lege Miami, recently shared an amusing story about running for his life after taking a girl out to an eatery.

Lege revealed that he took a lady out to an eatery for a nice time, which was not something he usually did. He explained that he ordered food and drinks worth 7,000 naira, but the lady he was with ordered over 40,000 naira worth of meals in just one hour.

Lege Miami shared this story on social media, describing how he had to quickly make his escape during this extravagant meal.

Lege Miami, who posted the video on his social media page, humorously shared that he ran away for his life because he couldn’t fathom paying for the over 40,000 naira worth of food consumed by the ladies. He made a swift exit from the restaurant without settling the bill and even came online to admit to his actions, just in case any of the ladies accused him of leaving them.

The video has sparked various reactions from netizens, with some ladies jokingly commenting that it was all because of 40k, while others wondered if the lady had brought along her entire family.

Watch the video below;

Here are some social media reactions to Lege Miami’s video:

  • K4yode: “So, it was you who ate like a dog at the table? I thought it was the girl.”
  • Omololaomisanya: “Lege, did you mess up the table like this, or was it your date?”
  • Johnjay2300: “Who chose the location? You should have told her that you couldn’t afford what she was about to order. When someone invites you to eat, check what they order, subtract 1k, and make sure you have your card with you. Good luck.”
  • Jolaoluwa_12: “Lege, are you serious? See what he ate at the table. God, please help.”
  • Lanrywhitebeauty: “The comments you’re looking for aren’t there unless you type them yourself. Eyan ofo.”

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