“A month without my companion, It’s Not Easy At All”- Actor Lekan Olatunji pays tribute to late wife

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Veteran Nigerian actor, Lekan Olatunji, paid a heartfelt tribute to his late wife, Wunmi Olatunji, one month after her passing.

Lekan Olatunji lost his 42-year-old wife a few weeks ago, with her burial taking place on September 16, 2023, in Abeokuta.

In a touching post, the actor expressed his deep sadness and longing for his late wife. He wished he could turn back time to be with her again, accompanied by cherished clips of moments they shared.

His post read:



It feels like you slipped out of my hands…. 💔💔💔💔 I never knew I would say things like these so soon…. 💔💔💔 I wish I could turn back the hands of time, and you could still be here and be mine…. 💔💔💔💔

Your demise can be likened to that of an army that have lost their Generals at the war front or like a flock of sheep that lost their shepherd… 💔💔💔💔 The days have been lonely and not very happy but we are pulling through. Your “BOYS” miss you so dearly.

It’s been a Month you left us physically to be with ABBA. He created you and called you home and remains unquestionable. Keep dancing with the angels Aya mi. Sibe Oluwa dara 💔💔💔💔💔

Your husband Olalekan Olatunji”

See his post below:

Lekan Olatunji took to his social media to celebrate his late wife’s posthumous birthday, sharing adorable photos and clips of her while pouring out his heartfelt emotions.

In his tribute, he expressed how he would have been planning and preparing for her special day if she were still with him, highlighting her love for birthdays and the aromas of something big she would have been creating. He reminisced about her touch, jokes, fights, love, and family moments.

He continued his tribute by addressing her with sweet words and reminiscing their moments together. He ended with a heartfelt message to his late wife, expressing his love and longing for her.

Lekan Olatunji shared another post dedicated to his late wife, highlighting her remarkable qualities, kindness, compassion, resilience, creativity, love for nature, and the love and unity she brought to their circle. He emphasized the joy of having known such an extraordinary person and the lasting impact she had on many lives.

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