“How can someone who just lost his mother be this happy” – Doctor drags Wizkid

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian doctor known as Dr. Penking has publicly voiced his criticism of Afrobeat music star Wizkid for his behavior at his mother’s burial ceremony.

The prominent artist, who had been displaying a somber demeanor for several days leading up to the event, was seen to be in a cheerful mood during his mother’s final burial on Friday.

A video that circulated online depicted Wizkid sitting with Oba Elegushi, engaging in laughter and jokes.

Conveying his evident disapproval of Wizkid’s cheerful demeanor, Dr. Penking expressed his sentiments in a post on an unspecified platform. He questioned why someone who had recently lost their mother would exhibit a jovial mood at her funeral. Additionally, he wondered if there were any undisclosed details surrounding her passing.

Here are some reactions to the doctor’s criticism of Wizkid’s demeanor at his mother’s burial:

Darn Milly commented, “You should have asked him to cry every day. Fool.”

Im Rachy wrote, “This doctor is foolish for making such a statement. Friends and family are there to support and cheer him up; he doesn’t have to be sad all the time.”

I Am Deja Voo expressed, “You are nothing but a disappointment for making such a comment.”

T Gold Barbie questioned, “How can a doctor lack sense? Is there something we don’t know?”

Sleeky Nance pointed out, “He had been mourning during the burial process, but during the reception, he was happy to see people supporting him. Should he still be sad? Is that your mentality?”

The Pen Warrior added, “Didn’t he see the other videos of Wizkid, utterly heartbroken and crying his eyes out? Some of us don’t deserve access to the internet.”

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