“As it supposed be. God bless them both”- Netizens gush over the adorable bond between Wizkid’s first son, Boluwatife, and his third son, Zion (Video)

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Social media is currently abuzz with admiration for the heartwarming footage featuring the celebrated musician, Wizkid, and his sons. In a grand funeral event held on Friday night in honor of their late mother, Wizkid and his brothers hosted a gathering of notable public figures and celebrities. The funeral transformed into a family affair, with Wizkid, his sons, and their respective mothers all in attendance.

In a viral video, Wizkid’s younger sibling, Zion, was captured sharing a precious moment with his older brother, Boluwatife. Even though the two youngsters have different mothers, their affectionate bond deeply touched many as they sat together, posing for photographs.

The heartwarming scenes included Boluwatife playfully showering his younger brother and his own mother, Sola Ogudugu, with money. This touching display has led to an outpouring of admiration from the public for the singer and his sons.

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Various individuals shared their thoughts on the heartwarming bond between Wizkid’s first son, Boluwatife, and his third son, Zion, with comments like:

  1. Amak Hairs commended Bolu’s mother for her remarkable job in raising him and emphasized the need to appreciate her.
  2. Obehi Demi observed the striking resemblance in lip biting and gestures between the two brothers, acknowledging their strong blood connection.
  3. Olisa 3loka beautifully expressed the idea that family is like a combination of beans and bread, becoming even sweeter and more robust when they unite.
  4. Symply Ose mentioned that the bond between Boluwatife and Zion is heartwarming and should be blessed by God.
  5. Ella Fundz also recognized the commendable job done by Bolu’s mom and encouraged acknowledging her efforts.
  6. Dees Palace of Beauty expressed amazement at the impressive display of sibling affection.
  7. Obi Udoo found the interaction between Boluwatife and Zion to be cute.
  8. Syvia Lyn simply stated that such heartwarming moments are what people love to witness.

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