Actress Funmi Awelewa says a powerful prayer as she celebrates her 35th birthday.

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Renowned Nigerian actress, Funmi Awelewa, marked her 35th birthday with a heartfelt celebration. She took to her social media platforms, sharing captivating photos of herself while expressing her gratitude and offering a sincere prayer.

In her self-celebratory note, she wrote, “This is Thirty Fine🧡🌺 It’s a new year of Blessings 💃. I can’t help but give thanks to Almighty God for blessing me with another year of life! Dear Me, you’ve walked through fire and emerged unscathed, proving your resilience. Thank you for not betraying me and for releasing the burdens of the past. One of life’s most profound lessons has been not dwelling in regret or fear that the past determines the beauty or success of the future.

On this birthday, I hold “A WISH” in my heart, too profound for words, but my tears convey it. Hear my secret prayers, Oh God, and I pray to You, dear God, to make all my dreams come true. The years have taught me that, no matter how hard I try, I cannot achieve them through my own strength and wisdom.

As I add another year to my life, I aspire to love more, to offer more help, to smile more, and most importantly, to continue my self-improvement journey. So, help me God🙏🏼 Happy Birthday to Me 🎁🎂🍾🎉.”

Fans and colleagues joined in celebrating Funmi Awelewa, extending warm wishes and hoping for a prosperous and joyous year ahead for this talented actress. You can view her post below.

Earlier, Naijalegit reported on the remarkable success of Femi Adebayo’s latest movie, “Jagun Jagun,” which has been creating waves and setting records in the Nigerian entertainment industry. This achievement has not only thrilled the audience but has also gained recognition from industry peers, including actress Funmi Awelewa.

Funmi Awelewa, the Nigerian actress, took to a social media platform to express her admiration for the veteran actor Adebayo Salam, affectionately known as Oga Bello, in light of his son Femi Adebayo’s accomplishments with the movie “Jagun Jagun.”

In a heartfelt post, she conveyed that Oga Bello is truly blessed as he witnesses his sons making remarkable strides in the film industry. She went on to emphasize that Femi Adebayo and his siblings are a blessing to the current generation.

In her own words, “Oga Bello is Blessed❤️❤️, Daddy will be super proud seeing Greatness in his sons. Uncle Femi @femiadebayosalami and the other siblings are a blessing to this generation. May your children be blessed too.

@adebayo.salami God will continue to strengthen you, Baba Daada ❤️🙌 E ma pe funwa lagbara Olorun.

@topeadebayosalami Take your 💐 sir. I am so proud of your achievements!

My very own Oga Agba Director @adebayotijani keep flourishing Sir. You’ve been the best no be today in the history of Good movies. I’m proud of Y’all. Keep inspiring us👏❤️.”

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