“Why Are You Begging For Money after agreeing you won’t go public”- Prophetess Osoba dr@g Mohbad’s father for giving out his acct no for fund raising

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Prophetess Kehinde Osoba has criticized the late Mohbad’s father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, for publicly sharing his bank account number.

In a Facebook video, Prophetess Kehinde Osoba expressed her disappointment with Mohbad’s father’s actions. She disclosed that she had an agreement with Mohbad’s father not to disclose his account number until after the burial.

She said, “I didn’t share Mohbad’s father’s account number on my platform for two reasons. First, my platform is not for fundraising. But the most important reason is that, as of now, I can’t share Mohbad’s account number for money. For what? Money for the deceased boy? Let him be buried. What if the boy didn’t die at that moment? Wouldn’t you live your life?”

Prophetess Kehinde Osoba further explained that she and Mohbad’s father had agreed not to make his bank account number public until after Mohbad’s re-burial. However, she was surprised to see that his account details were already circulating in the public domain. She clarified that her concern was not about receiving a share of any funds but that she had acted according to God’s instructions.

This statement reflects her disappointment in the breach of their agreement and her focus on respecting Mohbad’s memory and the burial process.

Earlier, Naijalegit reported on Prophetess Kehinde Osoba, who had displayed empathy and understanding toward the struggles of Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father.

In a compassionate gesture, the prophetess took it upon herself to relocate Mohbad’s father from Ikorodu to Ikeja. She emphasized that it was evident that everyone had neglected him and urged everyone to overlook his shortcomings. She emphasized that Mohbad’s father had made significant sacrifices for his son, Mohbad.

In a video that has been widely shared, Mohbad’s father can be seen in a well-groomed appearance in what appeared to be a beautiful environment.

In response to this act of kindness, netizens praised Prophetess Kehinde Osoba for her generous gesture towards the late singer Mohbad’s father. This move resonated with many who appreciated her compassion and support during a difficult time.

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