“Oluwa O Ose Oooo, I’m now free to Enter Nigeria Now”— Sunday Igboho Says

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Prominent Yoruba rights activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, has made a significant announcement regarding his freedom to return to Nigeria. After nearly two years in detention in Benin Republic, Sunday Igboho joyfully conveyed this news to his fans and followers through an Instagram post. He stated, “I am now free to return to Nigeria and visit any country in the world.

I have met all the legal requirements associated with my bail from a few years ago, and I will be returning to Nigeria, my country of origin, very soon.”

He emphasized his newfound liberty, declaring, “I can confirm to you that I am now free to come back to Nigeria. There are no legal obstacles remaining. Although I have been residing in Cotonou for some time, I can confidently say that I have obtained the freedom to depart Cotonou for Nigeria.”

His Instagram post was captioned with a rallying message for the Yoruba Nation: “Yoruba Nation! The pursuit of freedom often involves challenging structures, oppressive systems, and advocating for the rights and dignity of all Yoruba sons and daughters. Let the quest for our complete freedom commence.

My fellow conquerors, arise! This is an open letter to everyone who expressed condolences for the loss of my mother. I am deeply grateful to you all. Happy birthday in advance to me.”

Watch his statement in the video below.

In a previous report by Naijalegit, emerging actress Akinnusi Kehinde, known as Omo Baba Fela, expressed criticism regarding the use of the English language by the renowned Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho.

Sunday Igboho had earlier shared a video on his Instagram page where he addressed his fans and followers in English.

Reacting to the video, up-and-coming actress Akinnusi Kehinde took to the comments section to critique the way Sunday Igboho spoke English, which led to a response from the activist himself.

She wrote, “Why are you struggling so hard just to speak English? 😂😂😂 English is not your match. I come in peace.”

Sunday Igboho replied to the actress’s comment, saying, “That’s how your career as an actress is struggling. In fact, it’s dead. You can never succeed in acting; you’d be better off becoming a professional troll. Omo ale.”

Their exchange is visible below:

The interaction between Akinnusi Kehinde and Sunday Igboho has sparked online discussions, with some individuals defending Sunday Igboho’s choice of language.

Nkechi Blessing commented, “You all think other people don’t have blood running through their veins… you talk, you get a direct response. ✌️”

Bimbo Akinsanya added, “What’s wrong with these kids nowadays? Where are your mothers? The way today’s children insult their elders is alarming.”

Here are more reactions from various individuals:

  • “Are you trying to challenge Omo Baba Fela? Is Sunday Igboho your target? Just playing around, disregard this.”
  • “Social media gives many people empty courage! Even her own father wouldn’t dare to talk to Sunday Igboho like this normally.”
  • “Hmm, these internet kids chose to disrespect Sunday Igboho, huh? 😳 😮 Kai.”
  • “People who are quick to troll strangers often start begging when they taste their own medicine 😂. They can’t handle what they dish out.”
  • “This is interesting; those who insult elders from behind their keyboards. They are all talk.”
  • “If only she had walked away quietly. Now, a stray bullet has hit her innocent father at home. 😂”

These reactions reflect a range of opinions on the exchange between Akinnusi Kehinde and Sunday Igboho.

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