“Let Peace Reign” – Fuji singer Obesere has officially announced his reconciliation with Wasiu Ayinde.

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During his live show last weekend, the prominent Fuji singer Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere took a significant step by publicly announcing the end of a long-standing feud with his fellow artist, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, widely recognized as Kwam 1. This announcement marked a pivotal moment in the music industry and the relationship between these two influential musicians.

Obesere’s revelation during the live show carried a message of reconciliation and unity. He declared that the differences and disputes that had once strained their relationship were now a thing of the past. This move towards reconciliation is noteworthy, as it not only affects the personal dynamics between the two artists but also has broader implications for their fans, the music industry, and the Fuji music genre as a whole.

By stating that he and Wasiu Ayinde have reconciled and are choosing the path of peace, Obesere is sending a message of maturity and solidarity. It signifies their willingness to set aside past disagreements and collaborate for the betterment of the Fuji music community. Such a resolution can have a positive impact on their respective careers, as it opens up opportunities for joint projects, concerts, and a renewed sense of camaraderie.

This public announcement also serves as a testament to the power of reconciliation and forgiveness in the entertainment world. It highlights the significance of resolving conflicts amicably and moving forward with a shared vision of promoting their music and culture.

In conclusion, Obesere’s declaration of reconciliation with Wasiu Ayinde during his live show is a notable and meaningful development in the Fuji music scene. It signifies a fresh start, renewed cooperation, and the potential for greater achievements in their careers while fostering unity within the industry.

In 2018, a fresh conflict emerged between Wasiu Ayinde and Alhaji Obesere, which escalated due to their differing views on the leadership of Lagos State under Governor Ambode.

Obesere openly criticized K1 for his harsh remarks about Governor Ambode’s leadership, accusing him of being a habitual betrayer.

Through an official statement provided by Obesere’s manager, Arems Adeniyi, Obesere didn’t hold back in describing K1 as greedy, self-centered, and disrespectful.

He pointed out that Wasiu Ayinde had a history of greed, constantly hoarding opportunities for himself. However, the era of Governor Ambode was not as favorable to K1 as it had been during the tenures of the previous governors, Bola Tinubu and Babatunde Raji Fashola.

Obesere questioned K1’s claim to be the leader of Fuji music, especially with Chief Ayinla Kollington still alive and active in the industry. He revealed that Kollington had recently recorded an album, but K1 allegedly pressured marketers not to promote it because he suspected Kollington had criticized him in the album.

Obesere portrayed himself as a principled businessman who didn’t engage in petty office visits and nuisances for money. He emphasized his busy schedule with numerous shows both in Nigeria and abroad. Obesere attended only relevant invitations, maintaining his dignity and principles.

The statement suggested that K1’s political ambitions were driven more by personal fame than a genuine concern for citizens. It accused K1 of trying to undermine the progress of his colleagues in the Fuji music industry and suggested that Obesere’s success was divinely ordained, not influenced by any individual.

In conclusion, the conflict between Wasiu Ayinde and Alhaji Obesere in 2018 centered on political differences, greed accusations, and allegations of K1 sabotaging his colleagues in the music industry. Obesere’s camp asserted their commitment to principles and dignity.

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