Lee Min-ho: Nigerian Woman Ties the Knot with Korean Gentleman, He Makes a Grand Entrance to Asake’s “Omo Ope”

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A Korean groom’s joyful dance to Asake’s “Omo Ope” during his wedding day has garnered widespread praise online. The groom executed precise dance moves while dressed in a magnificent agbada attire and cap.

Many TikTok users expressed that his dance brought smiles to their faces, and it was evident that he must have dedicated considerable time rehearsing his dance routine.

On his wedding day, this Korean man, who married a Yoruba lady, brought delight to numerous spectators as he, along with his family and friends, made a charming entrance. All his groomsmen were adorned in agbada outfits, and they grooved to the catchy beats of Asake’s “Omo Ope.”

Korean Groom Steals the Spotlight at Wedding with Impressive Dance Moves

The groom radiated joy as he showcased his remarkable dance skills, utilizing intricate hand and leg movements. Observers couldn’t help but notice that he had likely invested significant time rehearsing his performance, with his dance moves mirroring those of a Nigerian.

As the lively beats of “Omo Ope” filled the reception hall, he even mouthed some of the lyrics. His confidence and enthusiasm were unparalleled, with dollar bills showered upon him as he danced.

Naijalegit compiled a selection of reactions from viewers who were captivated by the Korean groom’s performance:

  • OLA remarked, “Only God knows how many days he practiced before the wedding day.”
  • Your girlfriend playfully asked, “Awwwnn, who married Lee Min-ho?”
  • Maryanneyusuf expressed, “Am I the only one smiling while watching this?”
  • Agatya marveled, “He actually killed it.”
  • Osasonayemi welcomed the groom with, “Welcome home Adebowale.”
  • Bintajm Colley simply exclaimed, “This is so wonderful.”
  • Sophie_face_’n’_spa couldn’t contain her joy, saying, “My head is swelling. I’m happy for the woman behind this happy marriage life.”
  • Michellentee humorously requested, “Please, keep sharing updates; I need a Korean husband too.”

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