“Don’t Ever Settle For Less and End any relationship that isn’t adding value to your life,” advises Bobrisky.

Written by fazazy39

Bobrisky, the outspoken and polarizing social media personality, caused a stir in the online world with his recent comparison of certain Nigerian men to primates.

In a candid Instagram post, Bobrisky didn’t mince words as he criticized men whom he believes do not provide financial support to their girlfriends and fail to pamper them.

In order to emphasize his message, he drew a parallel between these men and monkeys, urging women to reevaluate their relationships and seek more supportive partners.

Bobrisky’s statement is just one of the many noteworthy events that have shaped his recent life. Perhaps one of the most prominent was his choice to undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance his appearance. After the transformation, he openly shared his post-surgery body with the world, encouraging followers and fans to appreciate the results.

This unapologetic display of his changed physique created a substantial buzz, sparking discussions both on social media and in wider conversations.

Recently, naijalegit reported that Bobrisky made a bold declaration on social media about his profession, proudly asserting that he served as a full-time companion to wealthy individuals, particularly billionaires.

However, Bobrisky’s life journey encompasses more than just personal transformations and online fame. Not long ago, he found himself at the center of controversy and varying reactions when he shared the sad news of his father’s passing. What stirred curiosity was his handling of the situation.

Despite his loss, Bobrisky opted to celebrate his own birthday and even organized an extravagant burial ceremony for his late father. This choice raised eyebrows and garnered criticism, as it appeared to deviate from traditional Muslim cultural customs.

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