Toyin Abraham opens up on how she was introduced to drugs

Written by fazazy39

Toyin Abraham, a celebrated Nollywood actress, shared her post-marriage journey into drugs during a recent BBC News Yoruba interview.

She revealed that a close female friend was the one who introduced her to this dark path.

Toyin Abraham revealed that she turned to drugs as a means to escape her problems and numb the pain caused by her sorrow, despite growing up in a religious household. She expressed her shame in the actions she took during that period, explaining:

I found myself in situations that weren’t entirely my fault due to my Christian upbringing. When my troubles began, some friends introduced me to drugs, and I often wondered how I ended up on this path. I never planned for my marriage to break. But when it did, I was overwhelmed by my emotions. These substances seemed to amplify my negativity. Even my positive efforts sometimes turned negative. That’s when I decided to stop.

I sought help and made changes in my circle of friends and surroundings. I made an effort to focus on the positive and tackle my depression and substance use.”

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