“If any of the artistes I buy car for leave my label, I’ll collect my car I gifted them back”– Portable says

Written by fazazy39

Controversial street-hop artist Portable has declared that he will reclaim any car he has gifted to an artist if they decide to leave his record label, ‘Zeh Nation.’

This statement comes in the wake of a recent dispute between Portable and one of his colleagues, Young Duu, whom he asked to return a car.

During an Instagram live session with his fans, Portable made it clear that he intends to retrieve any cars he gives to his colleagues. He emphasized that all the cars he purchases for his artists are owned by the record label.

Furthermore, he pointed out that he contributes the majority of the record label’s income, while the other artists bring in a smaller amount.

Portable stated:

Do you realize how many record labels signed Abuga before I signed him and made him famous? Think logically, bro. No jealousy. No swindling. Zeh Nation.

“Nonetheless, if Youngiduu and Abuga decide to leave Zeh Nation, I will reclaim all the cars I purchased for them. These cars belong to the record label. I am the one promoting the record label. I am the top artist in the record label. I am the one generating all the revenue for the record label.”

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