“God will help us with them” Actor Rotimi Salami’s wife laments as son asks her to choose between him and his father.

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Certainly! In her Instagram post, Jumoke Salami, the wife of Rotimi Salami, expressed her surprise and amusement at her son’s frequent inquiry. According to her, her son would ask her a rather unusual question in the morning: “Who is more important to you, me or my father?” This question caught her off guard because it’s not something one would expect from a child.

The scenario reflects a playful and curious nature in the child, perhaps testing the bounds of affection and priorities within the family. Jumoke Salami found this interaction noteworthy enough to share on her Instagram page, likely to entertain her followers with the amusing and unexpected moments of parenthood.

She expressed her frustration and prayed to God for guidance in dealing with her children, acknowledging their tendency to pose thought-provoking questions that require careful consideration.

She also admitted her ongoing curiosity about her child’s thought process, emphasizing that effective parenting demands knowledge and wisdom.

Recalling a recent incident, she shared, “I had just woken up when Legend entered my room. He said, ‘Mom, I have a question for you.’ I asked, ‘What is it?’ He inquired, ‘Who is more important, your children or your husband? No, I mean your children or my daddy?’

In response to such questions, she concluded, “God will help us with these kids!! They come up with some questions that are so logical that you dare not rush to answer. Wisdom is required always. Plus, I’m still wondering how he came up with that question, and he said he just thought about it. Hats off to him, he’s quite the deep thinker.”

In the comments section, Jide Awobona, Allwell Ademola, and her fans urged her to respond to her son’s question.

Jide Awobona encouraged, “Answer him, please!”

Allwell Ademola suggested, “Go ahead, take the mic.”

One of her well-wishers, Temmie, advised, “Just say both children and husband are important.”

One Honey Store impatiently remarked, “You still haven’t answered him. We’re waiting for your response.”

One Funshlicious playfully suggested, “Mom, you should ask him back, ‘Who do you prefer between mom and dad?’ So that both of you can be on the same page. Big thinkers!”

One Official Costly Babe humorously mused, “What could this guy be thinking?”

One Target Heart Queen simply urged, “Answer the question, please, ma.”

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