Primeboy kiII Mohbad because he Dey jealous him and Mohbad’s wife knows about it — Singer HK Plutorious alleges

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian singer HK Plutorious has taken to social media to make a startling allegation, claiming that Primeboy is the one responsible for Mohbad’s death.

He shared this claim on October 6th, 2023, via the Insta-stories section of his official Instagram page. This revelation comes after the Lagos State Police Command declared Primeboy wanted in connection with Mohbad’s death, and Primeboy subsequently surrendered to the police.

HK Plutorious goes further to inform the police that they have already found the killer, alleging that Primeboy killed Mohbad out of jealousy, and that Mohbad’s wife is aware of it.

Singer HK Plutorious expressed his willingness to assist in the ongoing police investigation and urged Nigerians to follow up with the police to uncover the truth.

In his words, “Nigerians, you all are finished. Better follow up with the police so they can find the truth from PrimeBoy because he’s the one that killed Mohbad. And Nigeria can’t see the truth because too many socialites are using this situation as an opportunity to become famous. I refuse to be trapped by the juju done by PrimeBoy and every suspect so nobody can find out the truth. @nigeriapoliceforce, it’s simple mathematics; you found your killer already. Do your damn job!!! He knows what happened to Mohbad. And God won’t let PrimeBoy go free with his evil. Amen #justiceformohbad.”

HK Plutorious continued with his allegations, stating that PrimeBoy was a jealous lover and hater in Mohbad’s life. He claimed that PrimeBoy had made advances toward Mohbad’s girl, or possibly even had an affair with her, and that she was aware of this situation. Mohbad had reportedly noticed PrimeBoy’s behavior but didn’t act on it due to a fear of losing their friendship.

According to HK Plutorious, PrimeBoy had allegedly put a substance in Mohbad’s drink before their fight, and then left quickly to manipulate the situation, ultimately leading to their altercation. He offered his assistance to the police and emphasized that both Mohbad’s girl and PrimeBoy were hiding the truth.

He suggested that Mohbad’s girl knew about PrimeBoy’s jealousy and desire for what Mohbad had, including his girlfriend and lifestyle. There may have been some character similarities between Mohbad and PrimeBoy. In order to uncover the truth, HK Plutorious urged the police to arrest Mohbad’s girl for questioning regarding PrimeBoy and to also arrest PrimeBoy on murder charges.

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