“Please don’t scam me, make sure it’s genuine, not a fake one” – Portable requests from the phone dealer as he purchases an iPhone 15.

Written by fazazy39

In a recent video, the renowned artist Portable earnestly requests an unnamed phone dealer to power on his newly acquired iPhone 15 to verify its functionality.

In the video shared by user @pbtips_ on the social media platform X, Portable is visibly delighted and celebrates the moment.

He shares the exciting news that the iPhone 15 has been officially released and invites his followers to join in the celebration. Additionally, he makes a commitment to acquire the forthcoming iPhone 16 once it becomes available.

The artist known for “Zazoo Zazoo,” who is currently on a global tour and was recently seen giving money to a beggar in Europe, has now joined the ever-growing list of privileged celebrities who own the latest model of the iOS phone.

Here are some netizen reactions:

@techyfera: “Portable is forever cruising 😅😅😅😅.”

@unknownthedj_: “Yes, he bought it for 2 million Naira, not to eat fufu, it won’t be funny 😅😅😅.”

@tobsmall: “He’s making sure it’s not a fufu! Life in the trenches will give you important orientations (OT, for those unfamiliar).”

@UTDTreytips: “He turned it on so that he won’t find the Google Play Store when he’s at home 😂.”

@IamAdren_: “😂😂😂😂😂 Computer Village boys have shown this guy something else, pro pro pro max.”

@Yusuf_Whd: “That line got me, lol. Does he ever let his guard down?”

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