Mohbad Has Been Facing The DNA Test I$$ue When He Was Alive and Later did secret DNA test on son, Liam before his D€@th– Nigerian man shares result of alleged test(watch)

Written by fazazy39

A Nigerian man has shared the alleged outcome of a secret DNA test that he claimed was conducted by Mohbad before the singer’s passing.

In a video posted online, the man asserted that Mohbad had undergone a DNA test for his son, Liam, and the results were reportedly negative.

He suggested that Mohbad didn’t reveal this information publicly due to the emotional distress he was experiencing and his desire to avoid worsening his situation.

In his statement:

“It is very apparent that Mohbad is not Liam’s biological father. It will shock you to learn that Mohbad conducted a DNA test for Liam while he was alive, and the result was negative.

Negative in the sense that Mohbad is not the biological father, but due to what Mohbad was going through, he couldn’t reveal it. Because of the trauma, he couldn’t say it out loud.”

[Watch the video below]

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