Bimbo Oshin extends a heartfelt celebration to Funsho Adeoti, Mercy Aigbe’s husband’s first wife, with a warm message: “In a massive advance to you, my sweetheart.”

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Nigerian actress Bimbo Oshin has taken to social media to celebrate Funsho Adeoti, the first wife of Mercy Aigbe’s husband, Karim Adeoti Adekaz.

Bimbo Oshin shared a heartwarming video of Funsho Adeoti, expressing her deep affection for her in anticipation of her upcoming birthday.

Accompanying the video, she wrote, “In a massive advance to you, my sweetheart @asiwajucouture 💋💋💋❤️❤️, my sexy babe toh set. Can’t wait to see you, Ore mi 🤗.”

Funsho Adeoti responded in the comment section to acknowledge Bimbo Oshin’s heartfelt post, writing, “@bimbooshin my love ❤️❤️.”

This gesture reflects the camaraderie and warmth shared between these two actresses in the entertainment industry.

In a 2022 interview, Funsho Adeoti, the first wife of Mercy Aigbe’s husband, Karim Adeoti Adekaz, revealed that she had made the difficult decision to leave her husband for Mercy Aigbe.

She explained, “I never agreed with him to have a second wife in our marriage. Mercy Aigbe was my close friend, whom I trusted so much around my family because I liked her.”

Funsho Adeoti went on to recount that she had personally invited Mercy Aigbe to her husband’s surprise 40th birthday celebration. However, she claimed that Mercy Aigbe subsequently became involved with her husband, starting a relationship when her son was just five months old. This led to numerous problems in her marriage over the years.

In her own words, she declared, “She can have him. I have released him to her and left everything to God.”

Adeoti and Aigbe’s marriage eventually became public, drawing criticism from those who accused the actress of marrying her husband’s friend. However, Mercy Aigbe refuted this claim, asserting that her new husband and her ex were never friends.

The situation garnered attention on social media, prompting Mercy Aigbe’s former husband to share a picture of himself and Mercy Aigbe with the Adeotis, suggesting that the two couples were acquainted. He captioned the picture: “The truth has finally come out. Thank God.”

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