“The Real Definition Of Sapa”— Fans Say Nollywood Actor Video Struggling With Pot Of Eba (Watch)

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Nollywood actors and movie producers, including Olamilekan Ayinla Agbaye, Woli K, Simoniyiss, and others, injected a dose of fun into the celebration as they playfully participated in a food-sharing competition. Their camaraderie and light-heartedness at the event brought an element of joy and entertainment to the festivities.

This playful scene garnered a significant online reaction, as a group of individuals, often referred to as “big boys,” were seen enjoying a meal from a single pot while playfully competing for possession of the pot. This light-hearted moment attracted attention and engagement from online audiences, further fueling discussions about the extravagant birthday celebration.

While many praised the men in the video for their camaraderie and the fun atmosphere they created, some speculated about the presence of a “Judas” among them, singling out specific individuals. This intriguing aspect of the online reaction highlights the intrigue and speculation often associated with public gatherings involving well-known personalities.

Celebrities and fans reacted to the video with love emojis and various humorous comments.

The Post Captions: “This Is The Real Onje Ale Oluwa”

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Ashabi_simple: They’ve completely transformed my brother Lekan 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 Oh my, 😂

Simple_adeolaaa: I love it when two or three people eat together.

Official_Eassye: 220, look at how he’s sitting down 😂🤣🤣, highness has had his fill, let me eat too 😂😂😂

Lizhalastouch: This is nice, but there is still a Judas in that circle, the hater, the one who will eat with you and harm you, look at the circle.

Justiceade70: This is what we call love in sharing 🔥🔥❤️😂

Khadijat647: Real men and the spirit of success all the way 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️

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