“I’m Still Single And Searching, I Never Marry Anybody Yet”— Ashabi Simple Says As She Denied Portable Reveal Her Real Name (Watch)

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Nollywood actress Ashabi Simple recently took to social media to reveal her real name to her fans and followers. In the video, she disclosed that her actual name is Omobolarinde Akinyanju. She went on to clarify that she has never been married to anyone, as she still carries her father’s name.

This public revelation comes as a response to ongoing rumors and speculations, particularly regarding her alleged marriage to the singer Portable. Ashabi Simple openly refuted these claims and set the record straight, asserting her single status and her real name.

In a recent post, Nollywood actress Ashabi Simple introduced herself to her audience by her real name, Omobolarinde Akinyanju. In the accompanying video, she revealed her deep passion for the world of filmmaking, highlighting her roles as a writer, producer, script supervisor, and aspiring director in the film industry.

Ashabi Simple expressed her profound love for the camaraderie and creativity within the film industry, referring to it as “a world itself.” She humorously mentioned that she couldn’t imagine a life without filmmaking, as it was her antidote to potential stress or depression.

With pride and a touch of humor, she playfully bragged about her talents, referring to herself as “nation beauty with brain.” She signed off her post with a self-affirmation, stating, “I LOVE ME ❤️.”

The video offered a personal insight into her life and career, shedding light on her real name and multifaceted professional journey. Despite previous rumors, it was evident that she held a special place within the film industry, surrounded by supportive colleagues.

Netizens had diverse reactions to Ashabi Simple’s video and her revelation of her real name as Omobolarinde Akinyanju:

  1. Certifygram humorously suggested adding “Portable” to her name, playing along with the ongoing rumors.
  2. Allwellmayowa appreciated her fluency in speaking good English.
  3. Barbie_tife_ affectionately asked about her small husband.
  4. Mhayriam and Bashmat_signature responded to a negative comment, with Mhayriam expressing strong disapproval and Bashmat_signature urging for a more considerate approach.

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