“I’ll Show Up To Mohbad Family”— Lady Who Got Pregnant For Mohbad Shows Off Belly, Video Goes As He Set To Visit Their Home (Watch)

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On TikTok, a Nigerian woman with the handle @isholawife429 made a rather extraordinary assertion, claiming to be Mohbad’s unborn child. This statement was quite unconventional and likely captured the attention of TikTok users, creating curiosity and interest in her content.

During her discussion on TikTok, she presented her abdomen while gently caressing her tummy, seemingly emphasizing her claim of being Mohbad’s unborn child. This distinctive and attention-grabbing display would certainly have intrigued those who came across her content on the platform.

She also mentioned her intention to visit the late singer Mohbad’s hometown of Ikorodu. This statement added an element of anticipation to her TikTok content, hinting at a forthcoming event or development related to her claim.

In her words, she expressed, “Imole, I can’t take it anymore, please come back; your boy is here. Please help me on my way to Ikorodu, Mo, please.”

This video has garnered significant attention from viewers, leading to a substantial increase in engagement and comments. While some individuals appeared to believe her story, others criticized her for making such claims about a deceased person. This mixed reaction highlights the diverse perspectives and opinions that can emerge in response to unusual or controversial content on social media platforms like TikTok.

@Alatise Pamilerinayo said: “Problems never end.”

@Pinky commented: “I’m not seeing a well-behaved pregnant woman.”

@user4363252676272 reacted: “Look at this foolish belly, a complete mad person.”

@user1663022349432 said: “Crazy.”

@kennygold673 said: “My fellow countrymen.”

@hareekenah C reacted: “Lunatic.”

@user9947597592025 reacted: “Unbelievable.”

@adedojadamilola94 said: “Madness everywhere.”

@Iremide said: “You’re all mad.”

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Please help me on my way to ikorodu mow pls

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