“I truly value you as my role model,” Actor Amuda Eko expressed as he shared a heartwarming video with his grandmother.

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actor Akintunde Yusuf, popularly known as Amuda Eko, took to his social media account to share a heartwarming video featuring himself and his beloved grandmother.

In the video, he extended warm wishes for the new month to his grandmother while expressing deep admiration for her as a role model who has stood by him during the most challenging moments of his life. Accompanying the touching video was a heartfelt message in which he wrote, “Happy new month, grandmother!

We’ve faced many trials together, and I truly miss you. Your unwavering support and role as my inspiration mean the world to me, especially during my toughest days. I’m grateful to be here with you to celebrate this new month. You are the true power behind the power, after God.” 💪👏

See his post below for the video and more.

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