“Hurt but grateful” – Filmmaker Biodun Stephen evokes emotions as she recounts the tragic murder of her mother.

Written by fazazy39

Renowned Nigerian filmmaker Biodun Stephen has shared the tragic story of her mother’s death at the hands of a drunk driver.

The award-winning director took to her Twitter page to reveal that she recently drove past the location where her mother lost her life. She noted the changes that have occurred since then, such as the building and the car that was involved, albeit with a different color. Despite the pain she still feels, Biodun Stephen expressed gratitude for her life’s journey.

She went on to recall the heartbreaking incident from 23 years ago when a drunk driver struck her mother, resulting in her untimely death. The driver escaped justice, leaving the family to cope with the loss.

Biodun Stephen received an outpouring of sympathy and support from her followers and commenters, many of whom shared their own experiences and frustrations with the Nigerian justice system:

  • Sola Mathew commended Biodun for channeling her emotions and experiences into her craft, using her talent as an award-winning filmmaker to tell stories that resonate with others.
  • Sola Mathew also offered condolences and hoped that Biodun’s filmmaking journey would continue to shed light on important issues and inspire reflection in others.
  • Ajoke Ad shared a personal experience from 12 years ago when a bus driver chose to endanger lives to avoid vehicle repair costs, highlighting the recklessness on Nigerian roads.
  • Marcourt Empire mentioned that although the driver may have appeared to get away, there’s the belief that he may still face consequences in the form of karma or divine justice.
  • Ladyque expressed frustration at the state of Nigeria’s justice system, suggesting that it often fails to deliver justice.
  • Chineld emphasized the difficulties in finding justice in Nigeria’s legal system.
  • Ijeoma Setter expressed hope that justice would eventually be served.
  • Official Am Blessed shared a recent tragic incident involving the death of a pregnant woman.
  • The Wave Goddess expressed a desire to leave Nigeria due to the frustrations with the system.

These comments illustrate the frustration and challenges faced by many Nigerians in seeking justice for various injustices and tragedies.

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