“He Blocked Me Immediately” — Physically Challenged Lady Who Sent Her Photos to Man Shares Aftermath.

Written by fazazy39

A physically challenged Nigerian woman, known as @mer_cee2001 on TikTok, recently shared her story online. She revealed how a man asked for her photos and then proceeded to block her. This incident had a significant impact on her, motivating her to work harder and build herself up.

The story of this resilient woman caught the attention of netizens who expressed shock over the man’s actions. Many offered words of encouragement to uplift her self-esteem.

Unfortunately, the man immediately blocked her upon seeing her photo and her physical condition. This experience motivated the physically challenged lady to work harder and transform herself into the woman she aspired to be. In response to this challenging situation, she decided to love and build herself up.

She shared pictures on TikTok to demonstrate her journey of becoming a better version of herself despite the obstacles she faced.

Netizens have responded to Mer_cee’s story with words of encouragement and support. Many have expressed their empathy and advised her not to let anyone’s judgment affect her self-worth. Here are some of the comments from netizens:

  • @Gabbies: “What did you build?”
  • @Clara: “You are someone’s daily prayer. Don’t let anyone hurt you emotionally.”
  • @M_SHOP: “You are beautifully made by GOD, don’t let all these negative comments get to your head luv u sis.”
  • @patricia14: “You are priceless.”
  • @theamazonkdpguy: “Your beautiful.”
  • @AlonaG: “One love bby.”
  • @Ifechukwu: “Watin you build I won ask?”
  • @aminumohammed585: “Don’t mind them you are beautiful it doesn’t matter what they said.”
  • @Emma: “Sorry by build up what did you mean pls.”
  • @Zinzy: “You’re Beautiful.”

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