“Dey No b0rn Her Well Make She Leave Me, I have money” – Lawyer brags as he gifts his wife A brand new car after sIapping her repeatedly (Video)

Written by fazazy39

A video circulating on social media captures the disturbing sight of Raymond Nduga, a Kenyan man, repeatedly slapping his wife while arrogantly boasting about his wealth and asserting that she will never leave him.

The video reveals a troubling incident in which the dreadlocked lawyer engages in a heated argument with his wife, who is seated opposite him. In a shocking display of aggression, he proceeds to physically assault her while she appears helpless.

Reports suggest that this couple has a toxic relationship, marked by severe physical abuse experienced by the woman on multiple occasions. Disturbingly, despite the abuse, she consistently returns to her husband.

In response to this incident of domestic violence, Raymond Nduga attempts to make amends by gifting his wife a new car as a form of apology. He simultaneously asserts his control over her, proclaiming that she will never be able to leave him.

Raymond Nduga boldly stated, “Do you all believe my wife can leave me just because you suggest it? I have wealth, and I excel in bed, two qualities you can’t find in one man. Your opinions are insignificant.”

The video of this disturbing incident continues to circulate, raising concerns about domestic violence and the wellbeing of the woman involved.

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