Veteran actor Jide Kosoko congratulates Mr. Macaroni for receiving two awards on the same day.

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Veteran actor Jide Kosoko, known for his extensive experience in the Nigerian entertainment industry, took to his social media platform to express his admiration and celebrate the rising star, Mr. Macaroni, for his recent accomplishments.

In a heartfelt message shared alongside pictures of Mr. Macaroni, Jide Kosoko extended his warm congratulations to the comedian. He specifically acknowledged Mr. Macaroni’s impressive feat of winning two prestigious awards – “Humanitarian Comedian of the Year” and “Fan Favorites” at the Humor Awards.

Jide Kosoko’s message of encouragement and support echoed his belief in Mr. Macaroni’s talent and contributions to the entertainment world. He ended his message by commending the comedian to “keep shining,” acknowledging that this is just the beginning of a promising career.

This public acknowledgment and celebration of Mr. Macaroni’s achievements by a veteran actor like Jide Kosoko signify the industry’s recognition of emerging talent and the importance of encouraging and supporting one another in the entertainment field.

Naijalegit previously reported that Jide Kosoko was confronted with a painful memory from the past as he commemorated the 30th anniversary of his late first wife, Late Alhaja Sherifat Abimbola Kosoko (née Lawal), who passed away three decades ago.

Jide Kosoko chose to remember his beloved late wife by sharing a nostalgic photograph of her on his official Instagram page. In his heartfelt post, he recounted the loss he endured in 1993 when she departed.

In the caption accompanying the photograph, Jide Kosoko expressed the profound impact his late wife had on his life and the lives of their older children. He acknowledged that her presence had brought him immense joy and happiness, and her absence left a void in the family.

Despite the years that have passed since her passing, certain events and circumstances still evoke fond memories of her. Jide Kosoko believes that her spirit watches over him, echoing the Yoruba adage “Oku olomo ki sun,” which means that the deceased lives on in the memories of their loved ones.

This touching tribute to his late wife reflects the enduring love and connection that transcends time, demonstrating the depth of emotion that can persist even after a loved one has departed.

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