“They Don Turn Jigan To Oloju Kan Inside Life”— Jigan Babaoja Received The Beæting of His Life After He Was Attæcked By Area Boy In Lagos (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

“Prominent Nollywood actor Jigan BabaOja has shared a video of himself online following a brutal assault by a group of street toughs.

Jigan recently underwent a profoundly distressing experience when he was subjected to a merciless attack by a gang of local toughs on the bustling streets of Lagos. This sudden and harrowing incident left both Jigan and onlookers profoundly shaken.

During the distressing encounter, the actor was caught on video, shouting in Yoruba, ‘Do you even know how old I am?’ as he endured the brutal beating. This heart-wrenching moment underscores the vulnerability and injustice faced by individuals who fall victim to street violence in Lagos.”

The reason behind the brutal attack remains shrouded in mystery, leaving concerned onlookers to gather and provide assistance. Despite the pleas from those trying to aid him, Jigan continued to repeat the question, “Do you even know how old I am?” His persistent inquiry hinted at a profound sense of shock and disbelief stemming from the unprovoked violence he endured on the streets of Lagos.

However, it has come to light that what initially seemed like a serious and distressing incident might actually have been a comedic sketch performed by a group of Jigan’s fellow actors. This revelation could clarify his repeated question, “Do you even know how old I am?” and suggests that the incident was staged for humorous purposes.

It’s quite possible that this incident is part of a movie produced by Jigan a few years ago, which would account for the involvement of his colleagues and the comedic nature of the situation. Scenes from movies can sometimes be misunderstood when viewed out of context, leading to confusion.

Watch the video below for more clarity:

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