“There is nothing wrong with people Involving in money ritu@l but The greediness, gluttony, and laziness have taken control today’s youth” – Ifayẹmi Ẹlẹbuibọn

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Ifayemi, who also serves as the spokesperson for those who promote Yoruba culture worldwide, Oloye Ifayẹmi ẹlẹbuibọn, the Chief Priest of the city of Oṣogbo, has declared that there is nothing wrong with individuals engaging in money rituals.

In the statement made at his residence in Osogbo, Oloye Ẹlẹbuibọn said this in response to a journalist’s question.

Baba Ifayẹmi Ẹlẹbuibọn explained that engaging in money rituals involves taking someone’s life, sacrificing one’s life, or using someone else’s body for monetary gain.

No one will engage in all these things that we are talking about if their place of origin is not returning to them, because the death of someone who took our belongings will not be in vain.

Oloye Ẹlẹbuibọn also mentioned that the best way to stop people from engaging in these practices is to make it difficult for them by ensuring that punishments for such actions are as severe as the harm they inflict on others.

“He says their behavior has gone beyond reasonable bounds and is leading them to a quick path to death. “Greed, gluttony, and laziness have taken control of the minds of these young people.” The Chief Priest of Osogbo City also laments that excessive consumption of alcohol is causing self-destruction.

Chief Elebuibon advises the youth to live modestly and avoid seeking quick wealth through illegitimate means.

The Yoruba elders also express concern that many young people no longer want to work hard but are looking for a shortcut to wealth, which often leads to dire consequences.”

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