“If I begin to speak now, many celebrities’ homes will be disrupted” – Actress Joke Jigan expresses her frustration as she publicly calls out a Yoruba producer for not paying her money owed.

Written by fazazy39

Yoruba Nollywood actress and producer, Joke Jigan, has taken to social media to publicly call out her colleague, Gbolahan Moses, for broadcasting their joint production on Africa Magic without compensating her. Joke Jigan mentioned that Gbolahan Moses claimed he hasn’t received payment for the production.

While expressing her frustration, Joke Jigan stated that she wouldn’t engage in a social media dispute and is prepared to address the situation through proper channels. This incident underscores the significance of fair compensation and contractual agreements in the entertainment industry.

Gbolahan Moses, known as “Geebee Films,” faced Joke Jigan’s accusation that Africa Magic was airing their movie for the second time, and he claimed not to have received any payment. Joke Jigan expressed her determination to handle the situation without resorting to social media drama.

In a similar vein, a young producer named Seyi Bonimo called out his senior colleagues, Ojopagogo and his wife, Moji Afolayan, for alleged deception.

Seyi Bonimo alleged that the couple had agreed to work on a movie with him but kept postponing the shoot. He revealed sending an additional thirty thousand naira to Ojopagogo for transportation due to increased fuel prices. Moji Afolayan partially refunded the money, keeping ten thousand naira, which she claimed she wouldn’t return.

The aggrieved producer stated that he had contacted industry authorities about the issue, but none were able to compel a refund. This incident highlights the challenges faced by filmmakers in securing fair treatment and compensation in the industry.

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