“Don’t underestimate my spiritual power,” says actor Afeez Owo as he shares new photos.

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor Afeez Owo has delighted many with a humorous photo of himself dressed in a suit and holding a large Bible. He shared these funny photos of himself on a movie set on his Instagram page, revealing that he’s working on an exciting new project. His caption reads,


Nollywood actor Afeez Owo recently shared a part of his life’s struggles, recounting how he nearly lost both of his legs due to illness. In a message to Biola Adebayo, he disclosed that there was a time when he was extremely ill and came close to being paralyzed. However, with the help of his father’s elder sister, who is educated and wealthy, he managed to survive the sickness.

The actor also mentioned that various prophets had foreseen his death, but he defied those predictions and has thrived to this day. He further stated that many of the things happening in movies nowadays are inspired by real-life events.

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