“Atleast , Mohbad’s son will see the true fighting spirit of Nigerians”- Actor Yomi Fabiyi

Written by fazazy39

Prominent Nigerian actor and filmmaker Yomi Fabiyi expressed his thoughts on how the late singer Mohbad’s son, Liam, will eventually come to understand the true fighting spirit of Nigerians when he grows up and reads about the circumstances surrounding his father’s death on the internet.

In a heartfelt message accompanying a video of the late Mohbad and his family, Yomi Fabiyi noted that Mohbad had a beautiful family. He questioned how Mohbad’s wife would explain the situation to their young son, Liam, in the future.

Yomi Fabiyi concluded by emphasizing his pride in the fact that Mohbad’s five-month-old son would one day read about the unwavering fighting spirit of the Nigerian people online. He believed that Liam might not witness the first burial but would witness a spontaneous reaction and efforts to secure justice for his late father, Mohbad.

In his words, “What a lovely and lively family starting up. How will she explain to the boy when the time comes?

One thing I am proud of is that this 5-month-old boy will read online and see the TRUE FIGHTING SPIRIT of the Nigerian people. Infact, he won’t see the first burial. He will see spontaneous reaction and remedy.

Mohbad’s justice began from the moment his body was exhumed. IMOLE! #justiceformohbad

We are NOT backing down. We will stand by this family until the TRUTH is established. That is the true essence of life. Go and Rest in Power Mohbad, we will not betray you. – Yomi Fabiyi”

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