“This Costume Is Amazing” – Introducing the Actor Portraying the Elderly Character in the New Kesari Movie Produced by Ibrahim Yekini (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor Ibrahim Yekini has shared a custom video featuring the elderly character from the popular movie Kesari.

Itele D Icon has unveiled the man behind the old man character in the Kesari movie.

Upon closer inspection of the video, Ibrahim Yekini was seen wearing a mask designed to resemble the old man, and he was also wearing matching gloves in the same design.

Post Captions:

  1. “Join us behind the scenes as we bring the 200-year-old man character in KESARI the king to life.”
  2. “My aspiration is to become a stellar actor and be remembered for my finest performances.”
  3. “I am the one who brings the elderly character to life… Have you discovered this masterpiece yet?”
  4. “Celebrities and fans shower praise on the actor for the incredible costume.”
  5. “Watch the video below to witness the magic behind the scenes.”

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