Kie Kie, the popular actress, broke into tears of joy As her husband surprised her with flowers and a teddy bear while she was on a movie set.

Written by fazazy39

On the movie set, Kie Kie, a Nigerian comedienne and actress, was taken by surprise when her husband presented her with flowers and a teddy bear. Her reaction was a joyful leap and a display of her dancing skills.

In the moments leading up to the surprise, Kie Kie was seen engaging in conversation with a few individuals.

Balloons, flowers, and a large teddy bear were brought into the room and handed to Kie Kie, who continued to act surprised and danced.

The video’s caption revealed that her husband surprised her on a movie set.

Many people have shared their thoughts on Kie Kie’s reactions to the surprise gifts in the comments section of the post.

See some reactions below:

blackbeauty22.7: “This woman, they call her Kie Kie, never gets ashamed at all. She doesn’t know that she is getting old. Look at how she is behaving like a small child. I love you, though.”

Sharon Odinaka: “I want HARMONIE as my friend too; he is so sweet.”

Queenie: “Kiekie is the wrongest person to surprise because she will both surprise and shock you with her childish act at the same time.”

BeeOrah1: “Harmonie is a very nice friend. I wish for a friend like him for myself.”

Dunni stitches: “A woman who is supportive will always bring surprises. When I watched Kiekie’s interview, I knew she is wife material, 10000000 yards.”

ID_KEYS: “I’m trying to figure out how Kiekie manages to be serious because I haven’t seen one video where she is serious.”

fhavour: “Kie Kie is all about vibes. Who saw the moment where she gave the teddy bear a lap dance?”

Azubuike Hope: “There’s never a dull moment with this woman. Love your energy!”

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