“I Don’t snatch Portable, I’m His shareholder.” – Portable’s fourth baby mama, actress Asabi Simple

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Yoruba actress Ashabi Simple, who is also the fourth baby mama of controversial singer Portable, has taken to social media to address some of the names netizens use to describe her.

In one of her recent posts, the actress shared a video along with a lengthy caption in which she addresses the way netizens criticize her in the comment section.

She wrote, “You don’t know how to dress 😟 I’m not a fashionista. You don’t have a good wig 😞 I’m not using a pricey one. Husband snatcher 😮 that’s a lie, I’m a shareholder. You’re a baby mama, not a wife 😳 you all will explain because some marriages don’t last even after a grand wedding.”

Ashabi Simple continued her post, addressing both fake and real accounts that leave negative comments. She emphasized that she’s an actress and asked people to rate her acting skills if they want to provide feedback. She also mentioned that it was Okiki Films that put her in the house, not the online world, so negative comments won’t bring her down. She expressed her gratitude to those who show concern and stand against bullying.

To those who may be concerned and object to the negativity, she blessed them and noted that she hadn’t violated any divine rules, so they could rest or call on God if necessary. She wrapped up her message by stating that she wouldn’t fall, just as she doesn’t wish anyone else to fall.

This response came after netizens criticized her for singer Portable traveling with his first wife for a musical tour.

Yoruba actress Ashabi Simple responded to netizens who were mocking her for being ignored by singer Portable, despite being his recent baby mama. She mentioned that she had locked her Instagram comment section to avoid bullying, but netizens started harassing her in the comment section of her new TikTok account.

In a video she shared, she addressed her followers, stating that their comments didn’t bother her anymore and that it wouldn’t change anything about her. She humorously asked them to say their minds if it would make a difference.

She captioned the video with a light-hearted message, mentioning that people were trying to “suffocate” her TikTok account but emphasized that their opinions wouldn’t affect her.

In response to Ashabi Simple’s video, netizens continued to leave comments in her TikTok account. Some of the comments included:

  • Mocking her for seeking attention and explaining her situation.
  • Advising her to enjoy life and ignore negative comments.
  • Commenting on her supposed insecurity and desire for recognition from Portable.
  • Suggesting that she might be begging for people to watch her movies in the future.
  • Making humorous remarks about her situation with Portable and his first wife.

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