“I aspired to become a Reverend sister, but I was expelled from the convent” – Actress Beverly Osu (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Renowned Nollywood actress and model, Beverly Osu, has shared her desire to become a Reverend sister but disclosed that she was expelled from the convent.

She made this revelation during her appearance on the latest episode of ‘Tea with Tay,’ hosted by Taymesan Emmanuel.

During the interview, Beverly Osu reminisced about her youth, recounting her experiences in a convent school and how she was later expelled due to her intense involvement in various artistic pursuits.

Beverly shared that her family had recommended a convent school for her secondary education due to her rebellious teenage years.

However, her spirited and active nature eventually resulted in her expulsion from the school, although she insists she was merely enjoying her teenage years and participating in various school activities.

Watch the video below.

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