“What God Has Joined Together”— Congratulations Pours In As Actor Olamilekan Ayinla Finally Proposed To His Colleague in The Industry. Meet the wife.(Pictures)

Written by fazazy39

Renowned Nigerian actor Olamilekan Ayinla Agbaye shared a video of himself proposing to his fiancée on social media.

Olamilekan has successfully proposed to his fiancée, and the video of the proposal garnered a massive reaction from people who were initially skeptical about it.

Many individuals initially believed it was a scene from a movie, but it was indeed a real-life proposal.

The post’s caption reads: “What God has joined together……..… @bukysmart”

Olamilekan Ayinla, also known as 220, introduced himself, stating, “I’m an actor and a Muslim. I may not be a Muslim scholar, but my father is. I am a devout Muslim, and I follow the religion.”

He also mentioned his educational background, sharing that he recently completed Sheikh Hassan Zahrukh’s Markaz Daru Salam Li Taalim Arabiy wal Islamiy, which he received from Sheikh Adam Abdullah Al-Ilory several years ago. Furthermore, he noted that he received his Waleematul Qur’an in 1988 and initially thought he would become an Alfa.

Here are some social media reactions:

  • Debbiecheriee: “The way people are getting married these days, I don’t understand.”
  • Surveyor_nas: “After 4 children, God saved you, and you finally proposed 😂. Oga, give us a date.”
  • Jummiejat_collection: “Ahhhhh, she will break you into two if you mess up, play around, and drop the movie title.”
  • Muri_hammed14: “@olamilekanayinlaagbaye_220, you better leave my waifu @bukysmart alone 😏😏 or we might have to start fighting ASAP 😂😂😂.”
  • Wealth_clothier: “I saw you both at Alhaji Arewa baby’s naming ceremony today.”
  • Owolewa82: “Wow, this is good. Alhamdulillah, Rabbih alemi, so don’t look outside again.”

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