Sam Larry finally speaks on viral video of him harassing Mohbad during video shoot

Written by fazazy39

Recall that a viral video showed Sam Larry confronting late singer Mohbad during a music video shoot shortly after he was detained by the Nigerian Police.

The video showed a heated altercation between the two, raising speculations and concerns among fans and the media alike. The incident showed Sam Larry attacking Mohbad from behind.

In response to all the rumors and allegations, Sam Larry has taken a bold step by releasing a press statement addressing the incident. In a statement released on his social media platforms, Sam Larry shed light on the incident and shared his perspective.

The statement read: “SamLarry statement

PIs, Read this

“2 year’s ago, I gave Ileri N2m to perform at my mother’s annual remembrance concert at Ikorodu, he boy never turned up, so I called him to ask why?, He then said he was not feeling well and when I asked for a refund, he said he lost his phone and money recently when the NDLEA raided his place in the process and since he was leaving Marlian Records, he is now broke, with no commitment to repay.

traveled to Kenya to find new African act that can perform at my mother’s concert this year. I have been away since August 20!, till now I don’t know anything other than what was written in the blogs and press. I don’t even know where he lives, I only know his former label boss and their house. I don’t know any nurse or doctor or hospital, I don’t know anything about his movement, I don’t have that time, I have lost a lot more money than that before, you win some you loose some. That is my story case close. I came here willingly and happily. I know nothing about how the musician did”

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